A Small Step In The Right Direction

Hello World!

As I started typing today, I hesitated so many a times,anxiety filling up within, typing and deleting, typing,typing, deleting and typing again, trying to look for those perfect words. Various thoughts rushed through my mind for the right words as I have never done this before. The memory of encouraging words and vibrant smile of my primary school English teacher every time I did well in composition proved to form part of the backbone for this journey I have started.

He told me I could make a good journalist and there he planted a seed in my life that I can say is now sprouting despite years of no signs of germination. I hope I do not disappoint him..myself.What am I saying, this in itself is a great achievement, that I have started typing and have brought my dream into life.

For the past several years, I have been doing some soul-searching, trying to find the purpose of my life, why I was born. Well, this brought out a lot that I guess was not prepared for emotionally. I had to learn to confront my past and release all those who hurt me for me to move on with my life. I have had to forgive them and most of all forgive myself. I can say for all my life, perfection has been my goal, refusing to acknowledge that to err is human.

Mistakes from Eunice Machocho (Me) I can say were not to be heard of. I ended up beating up myself too much on so little mistakes as i looked back now. I have come to accept myself and am more peaceful within. I went ahead to cut my hair last year which was symbolic for me that I had finally found myself and looked at life so differently than I did before.

In February this year one evening after a work meeting i came to attend in Nairobi, this bulb lit in my head:to blog about hope which is Esperanza in Spanish. There is so much negativity of news in our media stations, not just Kenya. Often enough i hear my father commenting that nowadays news are the same: always bad news. I remember talk of positivism being encouraged in one of the television station at the beginning of this year when there was a discussion of news broadcast review and what changes were needed.

My dream as a result of my blogging is to see news broadcast bringing out the good in our country. Without ignoring the bad, let the media houses broadcast more stories of hope. Am yet to see the investigative stories that seem to be on the rise focusing on beautiful stories that bring hope to its viewers and listeners.

My dream is to see this replicated worldwide with each country bringing out the good in them, not for tourism, not for money, just to bring hope into other people’s lives. We would have more smiles on people’s faces, encouragement to continue with life and perhaps less suicidal incidents. This is my big dream!!

This is a piece i wrote in 2015 but finally have the courage to publish!!🙂

11 thoughts on “A Small Step In The Right Direction

  1. Wow that’s real nice, I’m proud of you good work sister

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  2. Eunice: Your blog presentation is fine; I realized my error immediately, but there’s no mechanism available to edit after a comment publishes. This is evident in my original first and second attempts to comment. The wonder of our meeting is also mine when I see that I have readers from all over the globe — especially Kenya! I also meant to say earlier that “Hope for you and me” is an uplifting headline which I really like. Doug

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  3. Esperanza, First, you have a beautiful name to go along with your beautiful countenance; second, I appreciate what you shared from the heart. I encourage you to keep writing and I will pray for your continued inner healing. I understand exactly what you have said and the direction you are going. It’s a journey, the objective is to finish well. Doug Feavel (author of “Uncommon Character”)

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    1. Thanks Doug, Am Eunice Machocho, that shows i need to work on my blog presentation😊. It is indeed a great pleasure to get your comments. Never had i thought of such a connection in this manner! Am humbled as i have much respect for the narration of your book. Very inspirational to me i must say.

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  4. Esperanza, First, you have a beautiful name; second, I appreciate what you shared from the heart. I encourage you to keep writing and I will pray for your continued inner healing. I understand exactly what you have said and the direction you are going. It’s a journey, the objective is to finish well. Doug Feavel (author of “Uncommon Character”)

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  5. Wonderful vision, Africa is filled with good people doing lots of good things. Its time for the African story to be rewritten by Africans for Africa. So congratulations and will watch this space.

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  6. Woooow!!! Sis you have finally made it, this is such a great article to bring hope and new beginning in people’s lives, May God bless you with the work your doing now, SO AMAZING!!!!!


  7. Machocho……when you mentioned your name, i went back to the beggining of the article to confirm it was you I was reading about…..lovely piece…..has got me thinking. I still don’t know the purpose of my life….hopefully soon I’ll know!

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  8. Great piece Eunice. Congratulations for taking the bold step in bringing hope in peoples lives and situations. Soooooo proud of you. Keep soaring. It’s that time to influence discussions by setting the agendas.

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  9. A great piece there. May you be an encouragement to many that are in need of such hope in their lives. God bless.

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