Does This Beautiful World Really Need Men?

As I begin to pencil my thoughts for this post, various emotions run through me. Most of all I feel a deep sense of appreciation for the male gender. I celebrate every father, husband and brother in this universe. Yeah Yeah, Yeah I know it was International Women’s Day just yesterday!

This post is for the men who are wounded, the men who have failed over and over again, men who have lost hope, men who desire to become better but do not know how.

I believe greatly in God’s wisdom and plan for this globe and men,you are a central part of it. There is great meaning and therefore, responsibility for the first human being to have been of this gender. It is no coincidence. This post is not to add anymore pressure for you to rise to the occasion but rather to send a message that there is actually hope for you. Yes you!

Men, we need you, we love you and very much desire to see you rise to greater heights. Not just in terms of wealth and fame, but things that matter like fatherhood, priesthood, true leadership and great governance.

My heart deeply goes out to you as I see the despair state your hearts are in but honestly do not know how to help. The immense struggle and pressure of the society on you to rise to the occasion especially after the many a times you have failed.

I am not a man and will never be one thus I admit I will never have an idea of how it feels to be in your shoes given the various backgrounds you all come from, some favourable while some very much saddening.

Many of you have wounds that cannot be expressed with words and stay hidden in the deepest parts of your hearts only to be aroused by the darkest hours of the night accompanied by endless streams of tears that cannot be dried by even the softest cotton pillow.

I do know of a man who can be a great role model. Yes, He did come on this earth in the form of a man but with immense power given by His Heavenly Father. He may not have gone through the exact same upbringing as you but He did grow up as a man, well over 30years.

And the amazing thing is that despite the fact that He may not exist physically right now, He is very much available and eager to assist you through your journey of life. You can read about Him in a book whose writings were inspired by the very Spirit that unnaturally caused His conception through a virgin woman.

Without being ashamed, His Great name is Jesus Christ. I promise I will not lead you to eat a fruit from the serpent as Eve did to Adam. He is the truth, the way and the life. Let Him feed you His word and fill you with the Holy Spirit as you read about Him through the pages of the Bible. Let Him show you the right way to real Manhood!



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