Against All Odds

Royal Overcomers

One of the primary themes of Exodus is God’s Deliverance; But in addition to God’s Deliverance, another important message contained in the Book of Exodus is God’s desire for His people to know him as The Great I AM, calling them to a covenantal relationship with Him. God would have delivered his children from Egyptian bondage by performing a single miracle, (because God is all-powerful). However, God, through Moses, brought 10 plagues to Egypt, communicating His Supremacy above all.

The book opens with the
rise of a king to whom Joseph meant nothing.

This king gives an
order that the Hebrew newborn boys be killed (thrown into the river).

It is under these circumstances
that Moses is born in Chapter 2.

His mother decides to
hide him in a papyrus basket, among the reeds along the bank of River Nile. Moses
is picked up by Pharaoh’s daughter; Moses’ sister, who…

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