God’s Perspective changes everything

Royal Overcomers

John the Baptist was facing an imminent death in

This was a difficult time for John…

Matthew 11: 1 – 15

Anytime from this moment in time, John the Baptist was
going to go through a cruel execution…

This is the same John who had been preaching to
multitudes… Had baptized many… Preparing the way for the Messiah…

It appears as if the picture that John had presented
in public regarding the Messiah was in contrast to what Jesus was doing at this
point in time, and was contradictory to the expectations and anticipations that
the Jews had. As a consequence, the Baptist was dealing with doubt and
difficult questions…

He therefore sought an answer from Jesus…

An answer from Jesus would suffice…

It is in this state that he sends his disciples to

Jesus’ response is astounding…

“Go report to John what you hear and see:…

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