You are Not beyond repair

Royal Overcomers

He was arguably the most schooled author in the New Testament…

And that’s not the end of the description of his theological acumen…

The Apostle Paul wrote almost a half (in number) of the books of the New Testament.

It is important to observe that the content that this Apostle wrote has been an extremely helpful interpretation and application of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the church.

Peter refers to Paul’s writings as having been written “according to the wisdom given unto him…” Furthermore, those who wrest Paul’s writings, as they do other scriptures, “are doing it to their destruction” (2Peter 3:15-16).

Prior to his conversion, Paul was persecuting the church of Jesus Christ with untold passion. He stood by and helped the people who stoned Stephen to death in Acts 7:58.

In his own words, Paul was the finest of Jews, and blameless as touching the righteousness that…

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