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What Do You Do After Deep Disappointment In Life?

I would ask all of us to take just a few seconds to visualize the efforts of a child learning how to walk…standing,seating down hard, stand again, make few steps, fall, stand,increase in number of steps, holding onto a table/chair for support, tripping, hitting the head, standing..this goes on till he/she finally walks on their own.

Except for those born with certain disabilities or severe illnesses, we all did pass through this stage. Well, that in my opinion was a hurdle of a much lower level and perhaps God’s way of preparing us for the much higher trials in our future. Preparing us to apply the same principle of trying again and again and again until the door of success opens.

A story that may encourage us is that of Frederick Douglass who was born into slavery in Maryland, United States in 1818. He, however recalls it to be either that year or the year before due to lack of records in those times. And yes, I read his narrative book from Amazon Kindle.

Despite his status as a slave, he yearned to read and write much much later in his life when he was around 12 years old. This desire grew when he moved to a new master’s home in Baltimore and the wife of his master began teaching him the alphabet. He felt it was a vital key to his freedom and better future.

It was an offence during his time to look for such knowledge as a slave and being of black descent yet he devised his own ways to get the fulfillment he longed for despite the consequences it posed and the discouragement the journey came with.

His masters later got rid of any reading material that he had for fear he would become unmanageable and no longer desire to be a slave. The more they acted in this manner, the more curious he became of the wisdom that lay in learning to read and write. He formed friendships with little white children in the streets as he went out for errands that were willing to teach him.

Frederick had already been much disappointed by the life he lived and the related inhumane conditions, not only to his physical self but to his inner emotional man vital for true living.

Any human would get affected to see their loved intensely whipped while bound, some even to death, some get shot, women sexually abused and impregnated, forced separation of mother and child soon after birth, forced separation of family members, denied basic needs like food and shelter in really cold weather and also forced to work long hours and in harsh conditions. But despite those very deep wounds, he was able to recognize a path to his freedom and a better future for himself and fellow slaves.

Not only did he see the chance but grabbed it to see it change his life as he desired. He later gained his freedom and became a Great African American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer and statesman before his death on 20th February 1985.

Emphasis for Reflection What are your desires, your longings? What are those fears/concerns that our Father in Heaven cannot deal with? Don’t we ought it to Him for the gift of life and thus not give up? Isn’t He a rewarder of the works of our hands? The lesson to draw from Frederick’s story is the desire to try again despite past disappointments in ones’ life.

This post is for those who desire children and that path has proved unsuccessful for several years now. This is also for those entrepreneurs who have struggling start ups and financial stress is kicking in. Won’t you try again and see that the Lord is faithful?

This post is also for those who on the outside look like everything is working out well, yet deep wounds lie within them that make them lead a life of bondage and slavery. This is for those who put up a face that all is well yet their life experiences have made them feel unworthy of being alive. This is for those who desire freedom!

Yes, disappointments are real and I like every other mortal acknowledges so. It is, however, the steps we take afterwards that will determine the compass direction of our ship called life. For some of us, the fears are only perceived and seen by only us and we end up becoming our own enemies. Noting very well I fall in this category several a times, if not many, God being my witness.

I choose not to focus on the discouragement that past disappointments bring us but to direct us all to the great possibilities that lie ahead if only we take the extra step to stand up again. How beautiful it would be to look back at our trials and realize that God was with us all through even though it may not seem that way currently.

That while we felt hopeless, His grace was sufficient and while we felt helpless, His mercy was new every morning for us. That while we waited, we were actually getting stronger and our faith was forced to increase.

Maybe we just need to hang in there a little bit longer and let the fire refine us to enable us handle the greatness ahead. But also remain hopeful of the day when we will finally fully accept that all things are working out for our good!🙏

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”Desmond Tutu



Have You Survived To Fulfill Your Purpose?

Did you know that George Washington was born on 22nd February 1732 in Virginia? Not that am a historian myself or anything like that but was rather a finding while I sought to satisfy my recent desire for history knowledge.

First, I downloaded Amazon Kindle to my phone to enable me read free ebooks on my way to work every morning. This is something I have come to truly enjoy especially as it also serves to prevent my mind from indulging in unproductive thinking. And may I note that the aspect of “free” did attract. Anyone there?🙋

Secondly, I subscribed to emails from History that is also a TV and Youtube channel that has a variety of history content. So the daily update informs you what happened in history on such a day which is what prompted me to note his birthday.

Thus I have come to understand the purpose for that inner desire to read more and that is to reignite the culture of reading in me to fulfill this specific assignment in my life. This blog is my small way of sharing what I come across which I do hope and pray will result into a positive change in someone’s life.

Now back to the 1st President of the United States of America. One particular incident in George Washington’s life while he was serving in the army which was before becoming President, is what has remained boldly imprinted in my brain.

This, I came by as I read Uncommon Character by Douglas Feaval. This eBook narrates stories of ordinary men and women who did the Extraordinary. It was in the aim of writing this post that also led me to read George Washington by William Roscoe Thayer also downloaded from Amazon Kindle.

It was on 9th July 1755, serving as a Colonel that he survived an intense attack from very well trained Indian forces who only managed to leave his coat with four holes and some on his hat. All of the officers who used horses while fighting were physically injured and the rest dead. The only exception was George Washington. This battle was so deadly that rumors spread that he was dead but he later refuted them.

In 1770, he purposed to revisit that battlefield where the Battle of Monongahela briefly described above occurred. There he met a council chief introducing himself as the one who instructed the Indian shooters to severally aim at him but had no success of physically harming him, leave alone kill him.

The chief confessed that there must have been a Great Spirit protecting him given that he had no doubt about the great expertise and training of the best of his shooters. If you ask me, it definitely had to have taken the Hand of God to explain such a scenario.

The chief then went ahead to prophesy that George will fight and win a great war and become the chief of a nation that he will found. All these came to pass and he finally became President in 1789. Yes, I know I cut the story short but if I were to detail everything, that may turn out to be a sermon and I wouldn’t do it much justice as Doug did in his book.

I must say am very grateful for Doug’s blessing to share this story which i found through reading his book. It is readily available for a free download on Amazon Kindle. Please also follow his blog including other ways to get the book.

Emphasis for Reflection – How many times have you survived circumstances in your life whose victory is not humanly possible to explain? You do not have to have been in the army to say yes. You may have been in an accident and got injured but you are still here and very much alive for that matter.

You may have survived an abusive relationship or are free from drugs/alcohol addiction. We have definitely gone through various personal battles. How often do we overlook what these circumstances speak to us and our purpose on earth thereof? Have you taken time to revisit those places/seasons? Maybe the prophesies of your future lie therein.

Some may call it fate but I call it Purpose. Each one of us was created with one. What is yours? Are you so bogged down with life you fail or are so blinded not to see the good that may come out of your situation?

The purpose may not be that of becoming a President (though I do not hold a single doubt of the possibility if that is God’s will in your life), what I mean is that the events in your life may not be favourable or are outright fatal but what I plead with you is to take a moment to embrace the possibility of something positive being birthed from all of the turmoil. Would you? at least think about it?🔜⏳

I strongly believe that you are reading this article today because you, just like everyone else in this world, was born with a purpose and the eye opener should be that God has allowed you to survive difficult moments to ensure you fulfill it. Just thinking about it, your purpose may actually be as simple as telling your story 🤔

How i pray that you get the motivation to not only think about it, but also receive the grace and strength to actualize it. Maybe then, we would see less greed and selfishness in our society as we purpose to use our gifts to profit those around us.

Thank you for taking your time to read this piece and it is my prayer that your life will never be the same again. I hope you are touched enough to share this with those you believe need to receive a message of hope in their journey of life.