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When Pain Turns Out To Be A Blessing!

Looking back at my life, I feel great appreciation for the journey that has become of it. To know that all things have worked out for my good. To know that God has been in control all through. He still is!

I am a testimony of God’s never ending mercy and sufficient grace. Through the despair, the anxiety and most of all the pain. Pain of hurting from strangers and loved ones alike. Pain that has now become a place I recall for the purpose of drawing lessons and remain deeply grateful that I am who I am today because of it. That pain!

Knowing oh so well that it was the pain that increased my faith. It was the pain that refined me for my next level of glory. It was the pain that led me closer to my Heavenly Father.

That pain led to great and deep connections to people that held my hand through the darkness. People that have become great companions and source of wise counsel 😇

Am forced to recall the labour pains during child delivery which was a punishment to Eve for disobedience at the Garden of Eden. Painful toil and sweat was for Adam. Despite the pain that comes from both, if persevered with the right attitude and application of right procedures, blessings are what come forth!

It is never easy to perceive this during the season itself. Ask me, I know. But remembering that we go through the fire not because God does not love us but because He has good thoughts for us and great plans ahead. Doesn’t make sense right? Again, I admit that it is truly hard to accept and even understand at times, if not most.

I recall the story of Job in the Bible who lost all his wealth, family and friends. I imagine the loneliness and sense of loss anyone of us would feel if we were to go through such moments.

One major factor that pulled me through is the people around me. I had people that prayed with me and many a times prayed for me when it was difficult for myself to do so. God used them to speak greatly in my life.

This post is for those in pain with no one around to help them through their dark season. This is to let you know that Jesus Christ of Nazareth can be closer than a brother. He is the Great Comforter and the Prince of Peace. He is a faithful High Priest who can empathize with our weaknesses.

He can bind up your broken heart, free you from captivity and release you from every darkness. He can bestow upon you a crown of beauty instead of ashes, pour the oil of gladness instead of mourning and a give you a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

Won’t you please allow our All Knowing God to finish the good work He has began in you. Many a sermons we have heard that the pain will go away tomorrow. This is indeed true. It will go away. Please feel free to call me a prophet of doom, but maybe the pain will not end tomorrow.

Maybe you just need to stay in the fiery furnace just a little while longer for a true diamond to come out of you🤔🙏

And maybe our prayer should be to ask God for strength and grace to persevere so that we may grow into what He envisions of us. May He help you understand the purpose of your pain and give you strength to hold on. All for the glory of His name!



One Way To Celebrate Easter This Year!

The Easter season every year is celebrated with pomp all over the world by the Christian community. It is a great time to remember how Christ Jesus died and resurrected and gave us the assurance that He will come back for us. Personally, I love this season more than even Christmas!

During this season, I would call your attention to the Passion Week (Holy Week) which takes place from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday). This week includes main events called Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, Spy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

As I read through the details of all these days, I was more attracted to Holy Wednesday which is also the Spy Wednesday. The latter title is because it is believed this is the day that Judas Iscariot first conspired with the chief priests to betray Jesus.

But this is not what caught my attention, rather the event before Judas accepting thirty pieces of silver as payment for his betrayal. And that is the anointing of Jesus. This was done by a woman at Bethany who used expensive perfume. Her name was recorded as Mary. She is also known as the Woman with the Alabaster Jar.

What touches me most is her willingness to give a very valuable possession to express her faith and repentance. She did not care that the disciples thought the sale of the ointment could benefit the poor and pouring it on Jesus was a waste.

All she cared about was expressing that she acknowledged that she was a sinner and needed redemption and the one person that could fully grant her desires was no one else but Jesus of Nazareth.

Today, I am moved to recall one very valuable possession that I had to give up and the motive behind it was to say to my Heavenly Father that I totally surrendered to His will and just like Abraham, I was willing to sacrifice my Isaac for the sake of obedience to His voice.

Being an Accountant by Profession, I have prepared budgets of relatively great value and felt the pressure to report within the set limits despite the unforeseen challenges. There is that need to want to control everything to ensure everything goes as planned.

But I have come to learn that not all things turn out as per initial expectations.

In life, for some of us, the five year plan has not fully worked out the way we pictured it. At some point we fell so bad that we did not see how we could ever get out of that pit. We went so astray that we cannot recognize the person we see when we look at the mirror. For some, the 10 year plan has been full of disappointments.

But looking at Mary and how she wept at Jesus’ feet speaks of both repentance and pain. I have so far not seen anywhere in Scripture where she uttered a word. I assume she must have searched and found out where Jesus was and had that high expectation that He would understand her actions without the need for her to explain herself.

That He knew her past well enough to sympathise with her.

Her reward for this action was more than what she expected. She was not only forgiven of her sins but a promise that her actions will never be forgotten accompanied by the gospel proclamation all over the world. Despite the book of Matthew not stating her name, it did not stop her story from being recorded.

In my small personal experience of giving up control on the future, often I received more than I gave up or even thought I wanted.

One way to celebrate Easter this year is to give up what you value most. Am not saying you throw away your households or give up your jobs, cars or for some, spouses and children.

One way to give them up is to actually place them at the feet of Jesus. To be frank, there is no event in your life that our Heavenly Father is not aware of. He is an Omnipresent God.

He, for one, knows what it means to give up a valuable possession (His one and only son, Jesus) and in return He is able to have all of humanity. Many more sons and daughters to live with Him eternally.

Jesus himself left his glory in heaven to become a man on earth knowing well enough that He will be killed by the same people he came to save. The same people He loves.

May this give us the confidence to come to Him,not with so many words, but rather a heart broken before Him as He has promised in His word that, that is one thing He will not despise.

For some of you, it may mean that you give your life to Christ while some it may be rededicating it. What better time to do this! May the Holy Spirit move in you as He desires.

I am moved to end with this prayer and join me if you may.

“Lord, I say thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I cannot imagine a life without a place for redemption that you have so graciously provided. Please teach me how to accept your mercy and grace that I may live to the fullest. Breathe your Spirit on me to enable me fulfill my purpose on earth. May I please you in all that I do. Amen!”