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What If The World Had No Rules?

As I watched the evening traffic of Nairobi inhabitants and automobiles, I contemplated on a discussion I had with some of my colleagues on how mankind would behave on a universe with no laws to abide by. I pondered through the conclusion that without a doubt, it would be a place of chaos. I mean there is already so much confusion and disorder as it is, even with all countries’ long-standing laws, to imagine such a scenario was truly horrifying!

Image by Spenser via Unsplash

Since God is truly our Creator, is it possible that He did not know the full extent of our mischief? What would make Him create beings that deliberately look to bring disaster upon themselves and those around them? That, despite knowing our days and having them written down before the formation in our mothers’ wombs, He is still compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. Who does that???

I mean, what is the use of having people that you refer to as your children and they do not even pick up your calls to hear from you? What is the need of having children who go out of their way to prove that you do not exist as their parent? Why would any parent want to have children who seek to physically destroy the beautiful home the parent took time and effort to build?

There is a trend going round in the social media circles aimed at pointing out what parents need to correct as per “children’s’ perspectives. I wonder what the parents think of these children in the first place. If parents chose otherwise, would they be in existence today to speak as they do? How does God view all of us whether parents or children, men and women, boys and girls…cause we are all His creation, His Children?

I do not purport to have the complete answers to any of the questions raised above. My observations, however, include that of a mother going back to the labour ward despite previous delivery pains. That of God allowing more and more of such occurrences in this world despite the fighting amongst ourselves and daily devious seeking for worldly power.

If any of us was given a minute to sit on God’s throne, would you have the patience to tolerate any of us? If neighbour to neighbour, family to family, country to country, we detest each other so? What if you had the power to destroy the whole world at the sound of your voice? How much more would you be capable of?

Image by Ashim D’Silva via Unsplash

It is definitely a reality that it is a daily struggle to love each other whether, parent to child, between spouses, amongst coworkers, neighbouring countries and in all continents. But what is the ultimate solution to this problem?

Well, the answer is simple. Love your Creator and He will be the guide to loving everyone else. He is willing to be your guide and even create a clean heart in you, if only you let Him. This is one of my greatest inner motives and no matter how many times I fail in the greatest of all commandments, there I boldly go back to Him for help. Remembering that He knows me better than I know myself and He has utmost good thoughts towards me.

This love shouldn’t be based on the Victory that He guarantees to His children as discussed in the previous post, but rather on the basis of who He is, The Great I am…our Heavenly Father. He deserves all praise, honor and glory. He deserves all our worship and we need to let Him in so that He can reveal His true self to us…The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!

God bless. See you next week Friday! 🙂😊😇